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Effective Sports Medicine

Get patched up, and to get back to the sport you love.

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Whether you're having a bad day after a bad round of Muay Thai on a striking bag, or struck a root while swinging your golf club, your elbow needs proper care.

Your spine needs to be properly cared for. A damaged spine limits your mobility, and your ability to play the sports you love. We'll help keep yours in the right shape.

You need to be able to catch the ball or hold the racket, and there are dozens of bones in your hand that could make you useless if injured.

We'll help you recover effectively.



Broken bones

A weakened knee only needs one pound of pressure directly applied to cause a break. We'll help you keep yours with surgery and orthopedic exercises.

If your foot is injured, you can't walk effectively. Limited mobility can be a serious problem, that we can help with: either through exercises or surgery.

A broken bone is going to be an issue no matter where it is. Painful, and often requiring a cast, you want to have it properly set by

a medical professional.

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